Multi-Channel Sampling
Chill Ir Sample Points
Chill Ir Sample Points
Standalone Gas Detector

The user-friendly  Helio Chill-Ir Control Panel or SL/SA detectors are easily installed to monitor gas hazards associated with refrigeration systems. Install as a standalone system or connect to the HELIO Control Panel, remotely mounted gas sensors enable the operator to view displayed gas levels from a safe distance.   Control slam shut-valves, extract fans and local alarms via alarm relays, 4-20mA output and Modbus which are supplied as standard with all HELIO Gas Detectors.

Typical gas hazards include


  • NH3
  • C3H8
  • SF6
  • Ethylene
  • R-1234yf
  • R-1234ze
  • R-507A
  • R-125
  • R-134a
  • R-404A
  • R-407A
  • R-407F
  • R-410A
  • R-449A
  • R-417A
  • R-448A
  • R-452B
  • R-452A
  • R-32
  • R-227
  • R-143
  • R-454B