System Features


7.0" Touch Screen TFT display.

Connect up to 500 gas sensors.

Up to 64 analogue Inputs with expansion

Up to 64 analogue Outputs with expansion

8 Volt free relay outputs, expandable to 72

Visual indication of gas levels, status and location.

Interface with other devices, names and units are programmable.

Remote reset / isolate.

8 GB SD Card for data-logging & floor plans.

Wall or 19” rack mount enclosures. IP 65 rating.

User Friendly


Touch screen interface.

Easy to use Step by step menu.

Customise area floor plans with detector locations.

Any 4-20mA device can be interfaced.

Supplied pre-configured.

Minimal training required.

Password protected.

Cost Benefits


Connect up to 500 gas sensors as part of an RS 485

Network resulting in reduced cabling and installation costs.

Simple installation allows the control panel to be conveniently located.

Compact unit 280mm x 320mm x 135mm.

Helio RS485 Network
Helio RS485 Network
Bespoke Graphics Package
View Detector Locations
Bespoke Graphics Package View Detector Locations

All Helio products can communicate with each other allowing a wide range of installations suiting most requirements with a single solution.
Non-Helio products can be added to the network including temperature, pressure, radiation ,existing detectors or any device that provides an output.
Intuitive menus and on-screen help text ensure ease of use and minimal training.
Add relays, analogue inputs and outputs with expansion modules as required.