HELIO Gas Detection are an Irish company manufacturing intelligent gas detection safety systems. The HELIO DTEX gas detector housed in an Exd rated enclosure is installed in hazardous environments with the capability of remotely mounting up to 3 gas sensors.

System Features Standalone gas detector. Incorporates Infra-red, Electro-chemical. Catalytic and PID sensor technologies. Visual indication of gas levels. 1.5″ OLED display. Network up to 200 gas sensors. u-Processor based functionality. RS 485 Communication. 4-20mA outputs. 2 x Volt free contacts. Alarm levels freely programmable. Internal fault monitoring. Stainless steel sensor. User Friendly Non intrusive one person calibration. Easy to use Step by step menu. Minimal training required. Remotely mount sensors up to 25 metres. Programmable alarm delay. Password protected. Supplied pre-configured. Cost Benefits Standalone gas detector requiring no control panel. RS 485 Network reduce cabling costs. Simple installation. Plug-in replacement sensors. Detector stability allows for increased maintenance intervals.